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Individual Services

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Service Options

Services are individualized to each athlete, taking into account goals, lifestyle, training and current dietary intake. Please call for pricing.

Individual Consulting
Initial consult: First session
Includes a 60-minute complete assessment of needs, supplement evaluation, dietary and training recall.

Follow-up sessions
Includes a 30-minute review of modifications made and additional recommendations to fine-tune progress toward goals or adjustments based on changes in goals or training.

Packages available for your first purchase:

  • 1-Month Bronze Package: Includes initial session, then 2 follow-up sessions
  • 3-Month Silver Package: Includes initial session, then 2 follow-up sessions per month
  • 6-Month Gold Package: Includes initial session, then 2 follow-up sessions per month

Race/Competition Day Nutrition Only

Looking for an individualized nutrition plan starting the night before through the morning of and during the entire race? With this service, you will know exactly what and when to eat and take in fluid based on your individual needs and course support provided. Includes a 45 minute initial chat with a 30 minute follow-up visit, as well as a sweat rate assessment. Athletes receive a typed out nutrition plan. **Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks pre-race for completion of this package; ideal time is 4 weeks or longer. Available for marathons, half Ironman, full Ironman or other type of endurance race (i.e. cycling, swimming, etc.).

Individual Services

Are you a middle school, high school, collegiate, or amateur athlete serious about your sport and looking to be the best, change your body composition, improve your overall performance or simply feel better? 

RDKate can provide you with the resources, tools, and guidance to make sure you are providing your body with food that not only makes you a better athlete, but also provides energy to get through the rest of the day. The nutrition world is confusing. RDKate provides clarification and direction. 

Having worked with all ages at all levels, including Division I collegiate athletics, Olympic, NBA G-League and NFL, as well as being an accomplished athlete herself, she knows and understands the pressure to perform well and desire to meet athletic goals.

Whether meeting virtually or in person, RDKate will help you find the answers your looking for.

RDKate will help you:

  • Gain muscle or lose fat
  • Improve speed
  • Have better recovery from injuries and/or prevent future injuries
  • Increase energy and productivity
  • Get better sleep
  • Start/restart normal menstrual function
  • Learn simple, realistic, and efficient tools to healthy eating
  • Have a nutrition plan that's catered to your life and goals
  • Know what to eat when eating out
  • Lower your risk of heart disease or diabetes
  • Know which supplements will help you meet your goals without violating participation rules
  • Recover from an eating disorder & learn to use food as fuel 
  • Be the best at your sport - respected by peers and desired by coaches and sponsors
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