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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure RDKate is the right fit for you?
Below are frequently asked questions regarding RDKate Sports Nutrition services. If your questions are not answered here, call 989-906-2459 for a free 15 minute chat with RDKate to determine if her expertise, experience and approach are what you are looking for!

1. What services do you offer?
RDKate Nutrition offers both individual consulting and team services as well as one-time or on-going seminars and lectures for clubs and other organizations. Occasionally there are also special programs or events. Sports nutrition consulting is most appropriate for athletes ages 10 and up, though RDKate has worked with children as young a 8 to help them understand and develop a good relationship with food. RDKate works with athletes of all levels of competition including middle school, high school, collegiate, amateur, elite and professional. Services are individualized for each athlete or client.

2. What is the set-up of your individual consulting?
Initial consults are 60 minutes to allow time for RDKate to learn about your lifestyle, training, dietary intake and goals as well as begin to devise your personalized performance nutrition plan. Follow-up consults are typically 30 minutes long. 

3. What are payment options? Do you take insurance?
RDKate Nutrition services are typically not covered by insurance. However, if you believe your services might be, RDKate will provide an itemized receipt with appropriate insurance codes after clients provide proof of a doctor-diagnosed medical condition. Payment in the form of cash,check or credit card is due on the day of the scheduled appointment.

4. Do you offer group consulting?
Group consulting is limited to 3-5 athletes at a time. Athletes are matched by age, but not necessarily by sport. Please contact RDKate for more information regarding these types of sessions.

5. How do are team services set up?
Team services can be provided as a one-time talk, multiple talks throughout the season, or an entire season-long program. RDKate is available to travel to your team's location or can offer virtual talks on a platform with screen sharing and video/audio capability. Please contact RDKate for more information on team services.

6. Can I work with you regardless of where I live?
Due to individual state laws governing dietetic practice, RDKate can only work with clients who have a mailing address in Illinois, Michigan, California, New York or other states NOT on this list 

7. Do you sell or endorse any products or companies?

RDKate Nutrition does not sell nor endorse any particular products or companies. RDKate remains independent so that you can rest assured you are receiving unbiased, evidence-based recommendations. When you work with RDKate, you don't have to worry about feeling pressured to buy unnecessary, expensive supplements.

8. Do you work with eating disorders?
RDKate is not currently working with individuals recovering from eating disorders. 

9. How do I schedule a consult?
To inquire more about services and/or schedule, call 989-906-2459. Initial scheduling is not done via email or text. 

Call now to book your consult: 989.906.2459

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